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Age Spots

Age spots are like sunspots, or brownish spots, also known as liver spots or lentigines. These age spots are flat and oval patches due to pigmentation on skin from excessive sunlight, hormones or genetics. The harmful UVA sunlight stimulates your skin’s pigment cells that produce melanin, a pigment responsible for tanning and dark spots. Mostly these age spots are brown in color but can also turn darker sometimes. As with other skin related concerns, age spots are also not particularly harmful. However, patients still go for treatments to get rid of these spot as no abnormal patch looks aesthetically pleasing on the face. Age spots generally occur in adults over the age of 40 years, but younger people also become prone to these age spots if they are exposed to the sun for longer time. There are a few basic treatments for age spots, depending on the graveness of the problem. The varying treatments are Fractional co2, mild peels, q switch laser, the choice of treatment based on skin type and the intensity of pigmentation. At the ARSHI Clinic, we offer value for money treatments for facial beauty enhancement and reduction of these spots with best in field experts, having several years of experience in aesthetic medicine.