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Chemical Peels Treatment

Chemical peel treatment is also known as Chemexfoliation. It has been a successful technique for Skin treatment since time immemorial. It is performed with the use of mild chemicals or acids that are derived from natural sources like fruit acids. Usually this form of treatment is used to reduce pimples, eliminate wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines, tan etc.

Chemically designed solutions of different types and strengths are used according to the condition, which cause a layer of skin to peel off in an unnoticeable manner over a period of 3-5 days. The new skin that comes out is lesser wrinkled, lesser aged in look and looks smoother comparatively. During the treatment, the patient feels mild stinging, burning and irritating sensation for few minutes. The treatment has generally no side effects and has been reported to have documented great satisfactory results. It alleviates dry skin, removes dead skin cells and smoothes rough textures. It helps in lightening pigmentation and dark spots. It also softens the skin and improves its overall texture.

Apart from these benefits, chemical peel treatments help in reducing active acne, and smoothes the markings and acne scars. Post treatment precautions like wearing sunscreen and reducing your sun exposure time etc, are the little things that the patients needs to take care of. The main aim for both the treatment and us is to give you the best skin that you were only dreaming for and boost the confidence and love thy self.