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Dark Circles

Dark Circles are formed around the eye areas of a person and generally makes a person look more aged. Dark circles happen gradually due to the pigmentation of skin in the orbital area which is very thin and delicate. Various factors cause darkening of the under eye area like allergies due to pollen, dust, pet dander, mental stress, hereditary factors etc. Rarely medication or liver and kidney related problems or anemia may also cause dark circles. Malnourishment, over exposure to sunlight and fluid retention can also cause this issue sometimes. Other straining reasons like ageing, lack of sleep, dehydration, etc. cause the eyes to strain and dark circles are formed around them. These are not a rare phenomenon but surely make your face aesthetically less valued.

At ARSHI clinic we offer wide range of services to get rid of your dark circles by prescribing the right combination of eye creams, eye peels, eye masks, skin lightening agents, hyaluronic acid injections, oral supplements and lasers. These treatments produce new collagen that revitalizes the skin in the peri-orbital area giving you a renewed appearance.