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Dull Skin

Dull, uneven complexion is a result of multiple factors ranging from ageing to cold dry weather. As the natural process of ageing sets in, the process of turnover of skin layers starts slowing down resulting in dull complexion. With increasing age, the dead skin cells start to deposit more frequently. Along with this natural process, factors like stress, pollution, over exposure to sunlight, dry and cold weather, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and food choices also contribute in causing pigmentation and dullness of the skin.

At ARSHI Clinic, we understand that every patient has a different skin type. We therefore offer a variety of treatment methods to suit your skin type. We offer you latest and most sophisticated treatments recommended for dull skin. Our expert doctors and consultants work on the methods that brighten dull skin and rejuvenate it from the inside for natural looking glow.

Our treatments include Chemical Peeling, microdermabrasion, and micro-needling, among others depending upon the skin type. Skin Peeling involves the application of non toxic chemicals to exfoliate your skin and render a wondrous change to the way your skin will look and feel. Microdermabrasion uses micro- crystals that help in producing new healthy cells that give the skin a fresher and new look. Micro-needling helps produce new skin cells produced during the repair of the micro wounds caused by needling. Body polishing reverses the ill effects of pollution and harsh sunlight on your body and can be taken as a regular skin care treatment. Our vision is to enhance your skin like never before that helps in building your confidence and gives you the motivation to live life with grace.