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Fractional CO2

Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing is a treatment meant to work on acne scars, accident scars, stretch marks and general skin rejuvenation. The fractional CO2 laser works by interacting with the skin to produce Microthermal zones (MTZ) of heat and injury. An intense beam of light is made to pass through the dermis layer of the skin which stimulates the cells to produce collagen & elastin. The treatment is approved by the FDA and is therefore, deemed safe. The laser treatment works on non-carcinogenic (non-cancer causing) infrared light and not ultraviolet.

FRACITONAL CO2 has been a procedure that has been around for long, without any reported long term side effects. The treatment sessions vary depending on individual’s skin type and so do the discomfort levels. All our treatments are performed and monitored by our expert dermatologists who have experience in laser science. Our doctors work with the motto of safety and health first.

According to your skin type and requirement your treatment is scheduled. An average treatment is discoursed in 4- 6 sessions at an interval of 3-4 weeks between the sessions. The Laser Peel works on pigmented spots on the face, hands and back as well. Patients are thoroughly prescribed about the immediate after effects of the treatment like redness and swelling before the treatments are carried out.