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Urticaria is also known as hives or nettle rash and this condition consists of spots and patches of embossed white or red skin. These patches are usually itchy and cause a burning sensation. It is characterized by swelling of some body parts like the face, hands or feet, but can actually happen anywhere. It is a very common food or drug based allergy, not very severe in most cases, but can cause major trouble if aggravated. It can also happen due to medication or over exposure to sunlight and infections. It can get chronic if persists for more than 6 weeks. People prone to this condition can have bouts of recurrence frequently and for lengthy periods without any symptoms.There are however, two major treatments for urticaria. First, avoidance of any suspected food items that trigger this condition in the body and drug based treatment.

At ARSHI Clinic, we offer expert advice on this condition with best facilities and treatment modalities. Proper diet and medication would be advised to help in faster resolution. Emergency treatment facilities are also available for instances of immediate outbreak. The entire treatment will be under the observation of our senior experts ensuring your safety and health first.