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Vitiligo is a skin condition which is caused due to auto immune destruction of melanocytes, the melanin pigment producing cells. This condition occurs when these Melanocytes are destroyed and the skin in that area ceases to produce skin color. The symptoms usually include only the appearance of white patches on the body. Sometimes the area affected could also get itchy and the white patches may increase in size and number. White patches can occur almost anywhere on the body and can spread anywhere as well. All body openings can also be affected with whitening like around the eyes, the ears, the mouth, nostrils and even the genitals. The problem can persist and last for durations spanning up to years.

Clinically there are two types of patches- stable and unstable wherein, the intensity and spread of the disease differs from consistent to inconsistent .Only medical treatment and photo therapy is possible in unstable Vitiligo. Surgical methods like ultra- thin split thickness grafting ,punch grafting, autologous grafting with non- cultured melanocytes are available for stable forms of this condition.

At ARSHI Clinic we provide treatments medical, surgical and phototherapy based treatments for Vitiligo that helps in decreasing the disease to the limits that a patient’s body can achieve. For effective Vitiligo treatment, get in touch with our panel of expert doctors today.