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Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are immensely unsettling for they can affect any part of your body and cause several conditions. The people suffering from fungal infections are mostly in a situation of losing out on several opportunities due to the flare ups of the infection. Fungal infections are usually caused by the fungi in the environment. Usually harmless, these fungi can pose a health risk if infect the skin even in the mildest form like rashes. While anyone can get affected by fungal infections, people with weak immune system are more prone to fungal infections. There are generally three kinds of infections that a doctor seeks for to ascertain the treatment, -bacterial, fungal and viral. Since they may appear to be similar, the doctor has to see the condition first to prescribe a treatment.

At ARSHI Clinic due attention is given to the patient in person & offers advanced treatments for almost all types of fungal infections ensuring proper treatment methods and application of the same for best results. It is always suggested to get these infections treated at the earliest to impediment its growth and spreading to other parts of the body as well.