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At Arshi Group of Skin and hair Clinics We are pleased to offer the best non-surgical restorative methods for a youthful naturally glowing skin with our Cosmetic Services


At ARSHI we offer a holistic approach to moles and provide wide range of diagnostic and treatment options like dermoscopy, biopsy, cauterization, laser removal, excision and histopathology.


Low Level Laser Therapy is a procedure that helps arrest hair fall and stimulate hair growth with the help of low intensity light. By stimulating cellular activity, Low Level Laser helps in arresting androgenetic alopecia too.

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In today’s hectic life we try and have made it our goal to provide ways to handle the anti aging process so that you have a more appealing younger look and always have glow on your face. At Arshi clinics we provide Range of Anti Aging Treatments

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At Arshi Group of Skin and hair Clinics we treat people who are worried about their Baldness with FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) Hair Transplantation which is safe, Effective and Painless.

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At Arshi Group of Skin and hair Clinics we treat all kinds of Dermatological Diseases affecting children like Ecxema, Bacterial, Skin infections & Disorders of Hair and Nails.

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Arshi Skin and Hair Clinic is a Skin, Hair and Cosmetic Care Centre committed to furnishing quality patient care with unwavering thoughtfulness regarding clinical greatness, persistent security and an unparalleled energy and responsibility to guarantee the absolute best results for those we serve.

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Acne Packages
Rs.2000.00 Onwards
  • Acne / Scar Treatment
  • Chemical Peels Treatment
  • Skin Brightening Treatment
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Lines Disappear in Face

Anti Ageing
Rs.6000.00 Onwards
  • Wrinkles / Finelines Treatment
  • Double Chin Reduction
  • Laser Hair Reduction

Getting back to Normal

Mommy Makeover
Rs.5000.00 Onwards
  • CO2 / MNRF Laser
  • Q-Switch / Nd:Yag Laser
  • HIFU Treatment
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Hair Loss Restoration

Rs.4000.00 Onwards
  • PRP Treatment
  • Micro Needling Treatment
  • FUE Hair Transplantation

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Advanced Treatments and FDA Approved Equipment’s


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High Quality Standard of Medicines from Reputed Companies Prescribed

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we are available 24/7 for prescription queries


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Highly Qualified and Experienced team of Dermatologists


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All the treatments done at our centres are FDA approved and Result Oriented


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