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Low Level Laser Therapy – LLLT for hair growth

Low Level Laser Therapy is a procedure that helps arrest hair fall and stimulate hair growth with the help of low intensity light. By stimulating cellular activity, tissue repair and promoting regeneration of cells, Low Level Laser helps in arresting androgenetic alopecia too. It has been approved by FDA as a safe treatment for both maIe and female pattern of hair loss. It also prevents progression of hair loss due to prolonged illness, post-partum, chemotherapy induced alopecia and alopecia areata. It can also be given after hair transplantation for increasing the viability of the grafts and faster results.

Each session usually takes about 20 minutes to half an hour and generally requires 2-3 treatment sessions per week for 6 weeks followed by once a week frequency depending on the condition of hair growth. Visible results are seen by the third or fourth month post regimen. By the 6th month, one can experience not only re-growth but also healthier scalp and shiny hair. The treatment procedure is skin friendly, and the patients are taken perfect care of, by expert specialists at ARSHI having several years of experience in the field of hair treatment.