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Dandruff is one of the biggest concerns hampering hair care. Most of us, have some or the other time in our lives encountered a dandruff outbreak. However, it varies in its severity. Dandruff is essentially a scalp problem which is caused by the flaking of skin tissues of the scalp, causing white flakes all over the scalp and also on the hair shafts. Though it cannot be eliminated completely, it can definitely be controlled. Dandruff can be very annoying if it is causing severe itching of the scalp to the extent that you cannot stop scratching your head. Although it usually presents as itching and flaking of scalp, it can also cause sudden acne eruptions and increased hair fall with even mild strokes of combing.

Dandruff is a result of various factors like poor hygiene, oil accumulation in hair for days, exposure to harsh chemicals, covering the hair for too long, use of hard water and bad weather conditions. These conditions not only cause dandruff but also pose an imminent outbreak of hair fall , causing even more trouble.

However, it is a manageable disorder. At ARSHI Clinic, we offer expertise- led treatments like regular hair scans, shampooing treatments, medicinal treatments, etc. including a healthy diet regulation tips to help you manage dandruff.