Itchy Scalp – Best Dermatologist, Hair Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad


Constant itching in your scalp could mean more than just dandruff; it could be any infection or an autoimmune condition. But if you have it for an unusual time period or if the symptoms of itching persist throughout the day, it is time you consult our expert doctors at the ARSHI Clinic. One of the major causes for itchy scalp is Seborrheic Dermatitis due to overgrowth of yeast on the scalp and other parts of the body which are rich in sebaceous glands. Its presence may not cause too much trouble until the immune system of our body responds by producing inflammation. In mild cases regular shampoos are helpful but in severe cases it is always suggested that you visit a dermatologist at our facility.

Sometimes it could mimic scalp psoriasis which presents as localized ,raised, reddish flaky patches on scalp. Medical supervision becomes necessary in such cases.

Cases with Tinea Capitis, which is a fungal infection, also known as ringworm, also cause highly itchy scalp which can result in round patches of hair loss. In such cases antifungal treatment should be started at the earliest to avoid spreading.
However embarrassing it may sound, but a person of any age group can get infested with lice. The most common mode of spread for head lice is by direct contact with infected person’s hair. They also can spread indirectly through combs, bed linen, clothes used by a carrier. Treatment with anti parasitic shampoos and proper maintenance as suggested by dermatologist helps in preventing spread and inflammatory reactions that can develop if left untreated.

Apart from these possibilities, itchy scalp is also a result of sweat deposition and allergic reactions to shampoos and other hair cosmetics.
Our expert dermatologists at ARSHI have years of experience in dealing and treating the causative factors for itchy scalp and ensure you a healthy scalp.