Acne Scar Treatments

Acne Scar Treatments

What Causes Acne scars?
When acne breakouts penetrate the skin deeply, they damage the skin and the tissue beneath it. As the acne clears, the body tries to repair this damage.
During the healing process, the body produces collagen — a substance that gives the skin support. If the body produces too little or too much collagen, you will see a scar.
Types of Acne Scars

I) Hypertrophic or Keloid scarring – These scars are caused when the body produces too much collagen as acne wounds heal, resulting in a mass of raised tissue on the skin’s surface.

II) Atrophic or Depressed scarring -These scars develop when there is a loss of tissue.

Acne Scar Treatments
Acne Scar Treatments

There are three common types of atrophic scarring

  • Ice-Pick Scars
  • Boxcar Scars
  • Rolling Scars

The preventive Steps while dealing with Acne scars

  • Stay out of the sun.
  • Over Washing or scrubbing Scarred Areas
  • Don’t Pick and Squeeze.
The Pimple that you have been struggling with for a very long time is finally gone but has left a scar behind. You must be trying Chemical creams & Oral medications but to your disappointment you might not have seen results. Let us Study More for clever & Healing Solutions– Dr Annapurna

If acne scars Problem is bothering you, safe and effective treatment are available at Arshi Clinics. These treatments include laser treatments like Fractional Co2, Micro Needling RF. Minor Skin Surgeries Like Subcision, Chemical Peels. To obtain the best results, At Arshi Clinic the Dermatologist will first Examine your Skin Type to understand pattern of your Acne Scars, The best Treatment line will be Recommended.