It is normal to shed some hair each day. But shedding them at an unusual rate can be alarming .it has become one of the major cosmetic concern among the youth and children. Hair fall and balding are two of the major hair related concerns patients come up with.

This happens primarily due to thinning of hair and eventual loss due to ageing, heredity and imbalances in hormone levels. A lot of people go bald by the age of 30. Strikingly true! Many other reasons why people lose their hair unnaturally is because of stress, prolonged illness, post- operations, medications, nutritional deficiencies, excessive dieting, during postpartum, excessive coloring of hair, various infections and post chemotherapy. Also, if you keep your hair tightly tied or keep pulling them, apply hot oils etc, can cause inflammation and make hair follicles weak, causing hair fall and even balding.

Hair loss pattern vary from one person to another. Excessive hair fall, rapid hair fall, itching and pain in the roots , abnormal menstrual cycle, bald spots, etc. should be a matter of concern that requires consultation with our doctors at the ARSHI Clinic. A holistic approach with clear focus on diagnosing the root cause of hair fall, providing the right treatment to stop it and ensure no further loss with good hair health in future is what our team of specialists at ARSHI aim for.