Laser Hair Reduction

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Reduction of Unwanted Hair

Laser for Unwanted or Excess Hair

Smooth, hairless skin is what women want today. Although women prefer to get rid of unwanted hair, the road to skinless hair comes with many issues and options that women typically choose from, such as waxing, shaving. This can be painful. Thanks to laser hair removal technology, you no longer have to endure the pain of these temporary solutions.

Package Includes:

Laser hair removal is a great option for removing solutions as it provides a long-term solution to unwanted hair and gives you the freedom to show off your hairless skin anytime! The cost of laser hair removal is not high compared to what the salon spends for lifetime waxing!

  • Full Face
  • Round Neck
  • Full Back , Chest & Abdomen
  • Under Arms
  • Full Hands
  • Full Legs & Feet

Procedure Steps

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Tests & Consulting

Step 1

To rule out the Cause of Problem We at Arshi Recommend you to go with Doctor Examination & Investigations

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Analyse & Confirm

Step 2

The Treatment will be Decided based on the Investigation Reports , Followed by  Course of Medication

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Treatment & Result

Step 3

The Treatment is Completely done by Consultant Dermatologist by Recording Improvement Result of Each Session

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