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Your hair can influence your look and your state of mind too. Delicate care and early treatment for scalp conditions like dandruff, fungal or bacterial infections, excess hair fall due to heredity or hormone imbalance can strengthen the roots and revitalize them

Much the same as your skin, your hair too is influenced by what you drink, eat and how you treat your body. From product abuse to pollution, hair is damaged by millions of chemicals every day.

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Tests and Consulting

To rule out the Cause of Problem We at Arshi Recommend you to go with Doctor Examination & Investigations

The Treatment will be Decided based on the Investigation Reports , Followed by  Course of Medication
Tests and Consulting
Skin Care Cosmetic Treatment

Skin, Body & Face

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Safe & Painless

Our advance treatments like PRP, LLLT, Derma-Pen Microneedling, FUE Hair Transplantation along with evidence based medicines will help arrest severe hair fall and promote regrowth of lost hair.

At Arshi All services are performed either by dermatologist or under the supervision of a dermatologist as your safety and results are our first priority
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