Melasma, is a common skin condition in adults in which the skin develops pigmentation of dark brown or grayish color primarily on the face. This condition is also known as Chloasma.

The name hails from a Greek word Melas which means, black. The condition is more common in women with dark skin complexion and residing in sunny climates. Although this condition is neither an infection nor an allergy, it becomes more prominent in summers and improves during the winters. No cases have been recorded of melasma turning cancerous. Although there is no one reason why this condition could happen, research suggests that it can happen due to several reasons including pregnancy, use of contraceptive pill, some cosmetics, presumably the ones containing perfume, etc also by stress. Over exposure to sunlight usually worsens any tendency to melasma.

The skin affected by melasma is basically darker than your normal skin and usually affects the forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip, and chin, generally in a symmetrical way. In rare cases, even the neck and forearms can be affected. It is an upsetting condition as it affects the aesthetic portion of your face. This condition is generally diagnosed by the skin specialists with skin testing of that particular area with the help of a dermascope.

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