Pimple Scars


Pimples or zits are one of the commonest skin concerns affecting the young, from teenage to late 20s, even early 30s. Severe acne can lead to dramatic scarring that can cause emotional distress and social discomfort due to reduced self esteem. In extreme cases acne can be as worse as Rosacea, leading to scarring or swelling of different regions of the face and can even deform the face.

However, modern laser technologies have enabled to reverse the damage to a significant extent, giving l back life to the skin and your confidence. Acne Scars take place once acne has resulted in fibrosis of the skin tissue. Initially, the skin produced at the place of damage looks differently from the rest of the skin. However, with time, our skin produces new cells making the affected area look closely identical with the rest of the skin. Fading of scars is dependent on factors like size of the scar, type of scar, depth of the scar and other factors like age and genetics, etc.

At ARSHI, we offer a range of treatments for pimple scars. The non-ablative laser treatment gives heat deep inside the skin to form changes in dermal collagen, thus, remodeling the scar. This process is more suitable for milder and superficial scars. Fractional ablation laser treatment is more suitable and recommended as the best option for deeper scars as it involves destruction of the architecture of the epidermis and cause dermal collagen remodeling. When given in combination, they give much better results and cause much better improvement in the appearance of the scar.